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Dean Hart

is a Clinical Behaviourist and Tutor at the Canine Studies College and specialises in helping mature students set up and develop their own business within the canine industry.


My Dog chases birds and Squirrels

My Dog chases birds and Squirrels, in fact, anything that moves when I call him he doesn't listen to me and I can't get him back, what should I do /


I have been advised by a dog behaviourist to see my vet for a referral before they will assess my dog, ‘Chubby’. He has become aggressive towards me, why would I need to see a vet first?

Choosing a dog trainer

We are collecting our new rescue dog soon, she is coming over from Greece and is about 3 years old. How do I choose a dog trainer for our new dog, Scarlet?

Dogs not getting along

My sister has had to move in with me for a while and she has brought her dog Buster with her. Unfortunately, my dog, Bobby who is older, does not ‘get on’ with hers and they are now starting to fight, especially when we play with one or the other and just before feeding time. Can they get over this?

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