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Despite being able to deal with socks, crayons and six-week-dead seagull, a dog’s digestive system can often struggle with some of the very ordinary ingredients found in dog food. 


Sensitivities can develop at any time in life and they frequently present themselves as soft stools, excessive wind and/or itchy skin and mucky eyes/ears.


Here at Ci, sensitive dogs are our speciality and we’re happy to work through any issues you may be experiencing with a view to finding a 100% natural, affordable, high quality recipe that will work for your pooch. 


We have a wide variety of formulas to suit different dogs with different problems in different stages of life, and we’ll happily send out samples so you can try before you buy.


Why not discuss your hound’s health with one of our trained professionals, and see for yourself the difference better dogfood can make…..


Call us on 01994 453713 or email us:








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