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Odie – The Disabled Dog Nobody Wants

Odie has struggled his whole life. He has only ever known some degree of pain, after being badly injured as a tiny puppy. He grew up to be a very handsome dog and yet nobody could find it in their hearts to love him and give him a home. A charity for disabled animals, Miracle's Mission, has been trying to find Odie a suitable home for over a year and not one single enquiry has been received for him. Click the link below to read more



Kristel Moens
Kristel Moens
Feb 28, 2023

I would love to learn more about Odie with view of adopting him but can't open the link. Please advise as I am genuine. Thank you. Kristel 07580019379


Feb 23, 2023

I would love to have Odie but I can’t read the paper, the writing is too small how old is he. And what is your Location please.

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