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Rescue and Animal Care Media Information

Our Best Friends Media Information


The UK’s pet-friendly and Animal Charity magazine


The editorial style of Our Best Friends reflects the readership – it is warm, welcoming and open. It includes real-life case studies and encourages readers contributions.


Difficult but real subjects such as animal welfare and elderly pets are covered with empathy whilst upbeat subjects such as re-homing and ‘happy ever afters’ are inspiring and heartwarming.


Any important subjects such as nutrition and health are well researched and covered professionally.We also seek out ‘human interest’ stories with an animal angle.




Articles and press releases act as a showcase for the admirable work of animal charities.



For people who enjoy the company of animals and actively seek to enhance their enjoyment of pet ownership, and are supportive of charities engaged in animal welfare and protection.



Published quarterley Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.



10,000 each issue with a rotating circulation and an estimated readership of at least 25,000 every quarter. Our Best Friends is printed on glossy 100gsm and is distributed via courier and post to carefully sourced outlets throughout the UK.
Subscriptions will also be encouraged.




Caravan Parks (peak times)
Post Offices
Country Parks

NHS and Private

health related surgeries
Residential Homes (where pets are allowed)
Blue Cross PDSA shopshospitals


Plus any other waiting areas targeting our audience.




Download the Our Best Friends Media Pack
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