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 We all know grooming can be stressful for your pet. Using their unique clinically proven blend of absolute and essential oils, pet remedy has created a 3 step experience to help reduce stress during bath time.


These unique products won grooming product of the year at PATS Sandown show last month.


Step 1 :

De-stress and Calming Pre-wash (£12 RRP)


  • Fast acting pet remedy calming ingredients will help settle your pet

  • Effective coconut derived ingredients help de-tangle and lift dirt and oils to start the cleansing process.

  • Can even be used like a dry shampoo as an interim wash. Simply spray on coat and work in to lift dirt and oils and then use a hot towel and massage coat to absorb dirt and oils.


Step 2:

De Stress and Calming Shampoo (£12 RRP)


  • Naturally derived cleansing and de-tangling agents in all the right proportions for a deep cleaning, yet gentle wash.

  • The pet remedy calming formula helps maintain a stress free experience.


Step 3:

Leave in Conditioner & Coat Shine (£12 RRP)


  • A perfect finishing touch to leave your pet with a soft shiny coat

  • A tiny inclusion of pet remedy helps maintain the calming effect.

  • Enhanced with rosehip, bramble, and moss extracts, plus pro-vitamin B to help condition and nourish the skin and coat, leaving a soft and delicate fragrance.


This grooming experience is the latest addition to the pet remedy range of calming products.


A natural de-stress and calming range which will help all pets (mammals, birds, and reptiles) and is unique in the way it works.


To find out more or to request a sample grooming set, email

pet remedy starts to help instantly and is very gentle in its calming effect.


The low concentration Valerian based formulation works with the pet’s natural calming pathways. This means the actives in the formulation mimic GABA (a natural calming agent) and thus help trick fired up / excited nerve cells (when the pet is stressed or anxious) into thinking they are getting a message from the brain to calm.


Available as 200ml trigger and 15ml pocket calming sprays, individual eco- friendly calming wipe, plug diffuser, and even a battery operated atomiser.


pet remedy is now used on a daily basis by vets, vet nurses, rescue centres, pet professionals (such as behaviourists, trainers, and groomers), and even zoos all over the world!


For more information visit and our Facebook page for reviews. Customer helpline: – 01803 612772









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