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Tips and Tricks to Prevent Dognapping

Dogs – they really are a human’s best friend. So much so, dogs are the most commonly owned pet within the UK. So, what can dog owners across the nation do to ensure the safety of their pooches? [Lynne Fisher, Marketing and Sales Support Manager] at Cliverton, a specialist supplier of animal trade insurance, comments:

“Dognapping is on the rise. In fact, there were 2,760 reported incidents within the UK in 2021. That’s the highest number of dognapping cases in the last seven years. These can be sold for a profit, used to breed new dogs, or even used as dog bait. At Cliverton, we offer insurance plans to help those working in animal-related businesses. This includes our dog walker insurance package, which covers all public liability for dog sitters, dog walkers, and dog taxi workers.”

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