The Animal Health Trust faces imminent closure here's how you can help..

The Animal Health Trust has been facing dire financial constraints for some time, and now with the economic implications of Covid-19, we are facing imminent closure. We have been in existence for more than 75 years, and during that time, we have changed the lives of generations of horses, dogs, cats and their owners. We are all experiencing uncertain times right now, and following UK Government guidance, we have taken the decision to temporarily suspend all of our referral and diagnostic services until it is safe for us to re-open. This is a huge concern and will have a massive impact on the charity. Tragically, without an urgent input of funds, the Animal Health Trust is likely to close permanently. We can’t stress to you enough how much impact losing the Animal Health Trust will have on the health and wellbeing of animals. Much of our work is unique and without us, this will cease to exist.

Five reasons we are so special...

Our infectious disease surveillance work in horses is unparalleled – our disease surveillance team protects the world’s equine population from the threat of infectious disease. No-one else is doing this work, and whether it’s global reporting through the International Collating Centre, reporting to, and for, Defra, or providing advice to the expert surveillance panel, our work is vital in protecting the health of horses... We are a unique information resource – from virus and bacteria isolates dating back 50 years, to DNA samples for every registered Thoroughbred in the UK, we hold in storage vital data for tackling disease. No-one else has this wealth of knowledge and losing it would cause enormous impact across the globe… We house the UK’s largest canine genome bank which holds the entire genomes of 89 dogs from 77 different breeds. This resource is hugely important to dog health. Without it, the process to develop DNA tests to tackle cruel inherited diseases slows causing a massive impact on the health of generations of dogs… We have pioneered the use of HDR brachytherapy in horses, to treat sarcoids and other tumours around the eye. We are the only clinic to offer this treatment – without us, hundreds of horses will lose access to their best chance of a long and healthy life... We are the only UK charity with a dedicated research programme tackling Cancer in dogs. The disease affects one in four dogs and without our research, many more dogs will suffer untimely deaths...

This is just a handful of examples of why the Animal Health Trust charity is vital to animal welfare. Many of you have shared with us touching and inspiring stories of how both our clinics have helped your pets. We have unparalleled knowledge and expertise that simply cannot be replaced. If the Animal Health Trust closes, the world loses an irreplaceable and vital tool for keeping our animals healthy and protected.

Please help to stop this

At this point we need considerable sums if the charity is to continue. However, we are not asking you for a donation. We feel it would be disingenuous if we took donations from you now and the funds raised are still insufficient to save the charity, and it subsequently closes. In this scenario, we would be unable to return any donations made which feels wrong to us all here.

The best way you can help us now is by helping us spread the word about why we are such a vital resource to animal welfare. Please help us tell our story by sending this email on or by sharing this post on Facebook, in the hope that a wealthy individual, corporate or person of influence sees it and can help us.

Please share as widely as you can.

Do something amazing today, to help animals tomorrow. We assure you that during this time of government-advised temporary closures, the Trustees and Executive Committee will continue to seek emergency funding in order to save the unparalleled knowledge and expertise the organisation houses. Thank you for your support. from everyone at the Animal Health Trust




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