Salters Pet Nutrition

Salters Dog Food – Balanced nutrition for your pet

The only natural, dry dog foods to contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salters Hypoallergenic, “Healthy Dog Foods” are Veterinary formulated, complete dry foods for dogs and puppies. Our foods are the only dog foods in the world to contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil*.

Every single ingredient we use has been hand-chosen and sourced from food fit for human consumption, giving, we believe, the “Healthiest Dog Food“ as an option for your dogs. If you feed yourself with the best food you can afford, surely you’d want to do the same for your furry friends. 

Salters provides perfectly balanced nutrition for our dogs helping to overcome many problems like itchy skin, upset stomach, bad breath, dull coat, crusty nose, poor stamina, coprophagia, hyperactivity, hair loss and skin/soar patches. After just a few weeks on Salters, you’ll see your dog is visually healthier and happier. 

Please call to discuss our benefits, we are a small, and we think friendly, company… (at least our customers say so!)

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