Providing a Home for Life at Hillside..

As you will know, last Christmas we gave a home to donkeys, horses, ponies and sheep from the Derwent Valley Donkey Sanctuary when their elderly founder could no longer carry on due to her failing health. We are pleased to report that all the animals have settled in well and all will be at Hillside Shire Horse Sanctuary at West Runton to meet visitors at our Open Days which start there on 5th April. Thank you to everyone who supported our appeal to help them. Over the years we have taken in animals from several sanctuaries which have sadly had to close. The first of these was in 2011 when we welcomed 35 horses and ponies as well as cows, sheep and goats from the stricken Quality of Life Sanctuary in Devon after they had been forcibly been evicted from their farm through lack of funds. Please click here or the picture above to see them arriving.

Taking on these, and in fact any rescued animal, is our commitment to look after them for the rest of their natural lives and most of the animals that arrived here 9 years ago from the Quality of Life Sanctuary are still living contentedly at the Sanctuary including our dear Frosty below...

Above - Pictured last Summer, 38 year old Frosty is one of our most senior residents and below, here he is today with his natural thicker winter coat plus a snug rug to keep him warm. Frosty, who now receives special care including natural joint supplements to help keep him mobile, is one of our much-loved very special 'golden oldies'.

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