Photizo shines its light on all creatures great and small

Cuan Wildlife in Shropshire continues to shine Photizo’s light on Shropshire’s wildlife to speed up the rehabilitation of injured animals in their care.

Cuan was founded 30 years ago and has grown steadily with purpose built facilities to meet the needs of any wildlife needing their help.

As a registered charity Cuan works tirelessly to make a difference helping wild creatures that have invariably fallen victim to man’s interference, whether it’s accidental or deliberate.

Every year Cuan takes in over 3,800 sick, injured or orphaned wild animals and birds. Road casualties, traps, snares, poisons, litter, shooting, garden ponds, are contributors to inflicting suffering, misery and death on innocent creatures.

On admission every patient receives immediate first aid and working with Vets - Severn Veterinary Group and The Oakwood practice - Cuan ensures that even the most seriously injured have the best possible chance of recovery.

Every effort is made to ensure a seamless experience when its time to release animals back into the wild. Adults in particular will be released where they were found as they may have a mates waiting and will be returning to familiar territory.

When a Swan was brought to Cuan having accidentally flown into some power lines, prognosis was not that good.

Cuan’s vet, Barbara Jones (BVMed, VetMFHom, MRCVS), from the Oswestry based Oakwood practice, recommended using Photizo Vetcare.

Cuan Wildlife’s General Manager, Anna Nicholls, explained:

“Unfortunately we get at least two cases a year involving a Swan that’s flown into power-lines.  Damage from the electrocution often includes paralysis of the wings. The muscles ‘droop’ and the birds cannot fly. It really is horrific.

The power-lines burn the flesh and create nasty wounds that sometimes do not heal at all. Heartbreakingly we can’t always save swans after this type of trauma.

It was the first time we’d used Photizo, so I had no idea what to expect. We used Oakwood’s Vetcare unit three times weekly for three weeks. Amazingly in the first week the healing was visible. Soon afterI’m very pleased to say we were able to release the swan back into the wild”.

Cuan takes in around 900 hedgehogs a year. Many suffer from a virus, which usually takes a week or sofor full recovery.

The latest Hedgehog was also very underweight and sickly. Integrating Photizo into its recovery plan, this hedgehog was released back into the wild in only 24 hours.

Anna Nicholls explained:

“ We’re so pleased with our Photizo, it gets used everyday. We’re receiving a lot of hedgehogs at the moment, and bathing them in Photizo’s light twice a day has had amazing benefits.

As a registered charity we qualified to obtain a re-conditioned device through its ‘Photizo to the Rescue’ initiative.

It’s so handy to use, unlike laser devices, there’s no need to wear any cumbersome laser goggles.

Not only that, it is non-invasive and we’re so pleased to be seeing the positive effects.”

Since the Vetcare’s launch in 2013 its popularity has grown as a non-invasive pocket sized treatment tool. As a non-invasive tool, it reduces stress on animals and wildlife being treated and totally safe to use. It promotes natural healing for a host of musculoskeletal conditions, atopic skin issues as well as accelerating wound healing.

Combining years of research with the latest LED technology, Photizo delivers modern Phototherapy with pulsed and continuous red and near-infrared light in 30-second pre-programmed doses.

The effects of Photizo’s phototherapy stimulates cellular energy at a biological level restoring damaged cells to promote natural healing.

Veterinary Nurse and Animal Physiotherapist, Sally Roberts, from Best Friends vet practice in Shelby, Bourne End, has been integrating Photizo to her regular Physiotherapy sessions for several years.

Photizo has helped in practice across a host of patients from a Harris Hawk with an abscess on his talon to a Grycross Saker Falcon as well as hamsters, cats, dogs, and rabbits.

Sally explains: “Most recently I’ve treated a fledgling Sparrow, named ‘Jackie Sparrow’! Some children found Jackie in a bad way having fallen out of the nest only days old. They brought her into us where we felt the prognosis was very poor. I offered to take her home and nurse her. Feeding her every two hours on wet dog food, and some seeds, I also bathed her in Photizo’s light. I have used Photizo to boost the immune system systemically before, and I gave Jackie two doses of Photizo’s pre-programmed light everyday. The effects were evident as her appetite increased and she grew in strength and vitality. Jackie will be missed at the practice where she spends the day sitting on my shoulder, but at four weeks she is almost set to be re-released to the wild.”

For more information visit or to learn more about Photizo to the Rescue initiative, please contact us on or give our team a call on 01327 310909

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