Mayhew International attempt to raise £10,000 to vaccinate 10,000 dogs

With just five days to go before World Rabies Day this Saturday, Mayhew International is hoping to raise a further £5,0000 towards our target of £10,000 – money which will be spent on vaccinating 10,000 dogs in Kabul, Afghanistan, before the end of 2019.

With rabies vaccinations costing just £1 per dog, Mayhew International set out to raise £10,000 at the start of September, and have so far achieved over half of our target. Rabies is fatal in 99.9% of cases, and is transmitted through saliva, scratches and bites – meaning it’s not just dogs who are at risk.

The majority of humans who die from rabies in Afghanistan become infected by a dog, and before Mayhew International started our vaccination programme in 2001, over 1,800 people – many of them children – were taken by this horrible and painful disease.

Since then, Mayhew International have been working hard to improve the lives of humans and animals in the Kabul community, and are now asking for your help to reach our next milestone.

Please help us to reach £10,000 by Saturday, by sharing our story and encouraging your readers to head over to our donation page. £1 will save one dog, and at least one life.

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