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Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Hello My Furry and Feathered Friends,

I’ve always loved a ‘Bad boy’ and a ‘Toy boy’ so Mr Holmes, my new Bassett Hound boyfriend is perfect for me!

Me and Mr. Holmes We have a Good Thing Going On…

I’ve always loved a ‘Bad boy’ and a ‘Toy boy’ so Mr Holmes, my new Bassett Hound boyfriend is perfect for me! Things have developed since I sent Holmes a Valentine’s Day card which I had sneaked through his owners’ letterbox then ran like the speed of light back home.

At first when he saw me after I had declared my love for him, he gave me the occasional cool glance with his beautiful brown eyes which made me go all of a quiver. What a surprise I had when Mistress said that she and I were going to Mr. and Mrs. Peppers – Holmes’s Mum and

Dad’s house for tea! I rushed around screaming ‘ What collar shall I wear?’ Mistress told me to

calm down and that I should have a wash and put a little of my Doggie Perfume spray on behind my ears.

Mistress had heard from Mrs Pepper that Holmes is rather partial to dog ears and if he is playing with a dog taller than him (which are most dogs) he likes nothing better than to have a playful chew on their ears or have a gentle chew on their legs! ‘I must shave my legs’ I said to Mistress but she told me that was one step too far and a good groom with my brush will be fine. The next few days went really slowly. Saturday seems so far away and I paced up and down the floor and had butterflies in my tummy. I don’t know what they were doing in there because I am sure they would be much happier flying around in the fresh air instead of

running into contents of my last meal.

When we arrived we found Holmes in his bed clutching his dog bowl. Mrs. Pepper told us that he was hungry and he sometimes does this to attract attention when he wants his food. She said to me ‘I hope you know what you are taking on Treacle. Holmes is a rascal! He’s definitely the boss and sometimes, when we ask him to do something, like tidy his toy box, he puffs up his cheeks and lets the air out slowly to make a disgruntled ‘Humph’ sound!’ None of this put me off as I smiled politely to my hosts.

I just want to get up close and cosy with my new love. I sat next to Holmes as the humans chatted away about life in general and I asked him how old he is. I was surprised when he said he was only two and then asked how old I am. I was going to play the game of ‘How old do you think I am?’ but decided against it as didn’t want to appear too immature! I am a bit ashamed of myself because I told a wee ‘porky- pie’ and said ‘I am five’. Thank goodness Mistress was not in earshot. We talked about naughty things we had done and had a right giggle recalling those hilarious things. Apparently Holmes was at a neighbours the other day and stole their dog’s bone running out of their house straight home to his bed!

I told him about the times I had dropped my tennis ball repeatedly into the toilet and how Mistress was not in the slightest amused, whereas I could not stop laughing my head off!

Oh, it seems me and Mr. Holmes really do have a Good Thing Going on!




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