low-welfare breeder could cost pet owners an extra £5,000 in vet bills over just 12 months

Stark new findings reveal that buying a pet from a low-welfare breeder could cost pet owners an extra £5,000 in vet bills over just 12 months, as a new government campaign is launched urging people to take simple steps to research the seller before buying a puppy or kitten.

The scale of the problem is more common than people think as one in five (20%) vets surveyed seen cases so severe they’ve reported them to the authorities It’s not just puppy farming – RSPCA has seen a 300% increase in reports of kittens bred in low-welfare conditions since 2013Chief Veterinary Officer and leading animal charities back new government awareness campaign urging people to be aware of low-welfare breeders and look out for red flags when buying a puppy or kittenHeart-breaking tales of kitten death and puppy illness revealed through case studies in investigative “Petfished” short film that aims to raise awareness of the importance of researching the person behind the pet with tips on spotting a seller’s red flags.

Petfished website https://getyourpetsafely.campaign.gov.uk/  launches with tips to help spot warning signs that a puppy or kitten has been raised in low welfare conditions with tips including:

o Research. Have a look at the seller’s profile and search their name online. If they are advertising many litters from different breeds, then this is a red flag.

o Check contact details. Copy and paste the phone number into a search engine. If the number is being used on lots of different adverts, sites and dates then this is likely a deceitful seller.

o Check the animal’s age. Puppies and kittens should never be sold under 8 weeks old – do not buy from anyone advertising a puppy or kitten younger than 8 weeks.

o Check the animal’s health records. Make sure the seller shares all records of vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and microchipping with you before sale.




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