Keeping Foals and Dogs Warm and Dry in Summer and Winter Alike

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Shetland foal, Dinkie, was born prematurely to her mum, Tinkerbell, who was rescued pregnant from a stray horse pound.  The first picture shows her shortly after birth having difficulty standing on her not fully-formed legs. As you can see from the second photo, with lots of TLC, and help from a little rug, that was previously worn by a little Staffie, she is recovering really well.

For anyone who has donated a coat for our rescued dogs, you might be interested to know that these coats are also used for special care foals who are born to rescued mares.

The indoor coats help keep our elderly dogs extra warm at night and the waterproof ones are worn by the dogs out on walks on rainy days which in turn keeps their bedding much drier. Because we use so many, we are always grateful to receive secondhand coats which still have some wear in them.

We are also very grateful to receive donations for Dog/Foal coats. A donation of just £20 will enable us to buy a brand new coat that can be used for both our rescued dogs and foals. 

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Before Going out to Grass...

Waiting at the gate - Rescued mares with their two-year olds.  Please click the picture to see the horses running down to the barns to have all their necessary veterinary procedures in readiness to go out to grass for the summer.

When spring arrives and it's time for the horses, cows and sheep to be turned out into their grazing meadows for the summer, with so many animals it takes time to prepare them all before going out. The horses, sheep and cows have to be wormed and foot trimmed and the horses also receive their annual 'Flu and Tetanus booster vaccinations.  We are just preparing the last of the horses for going out to grass which are 30 of the 60 rescued mares who came to us pregnant from stray horse pounds and went on to give birth in 2017.

You may be interested to know that the above short film shows 63 rescued horses and ponies which includes the mare who gave birth to twins(below)!  See if you can spot them running together with the herd. Just click HERE or the picture to view. This is a chance to get a 'behind the scenes' look at just some of the animals you have been so kindly supporting.

Our staff always watch over pregnant mares day and night to assist if necessary and in April 2017, a rescued Thoroughbred mare gave birth and surprised us with twin foals - a colt and a filly!  The first, smaller, foal was safely born while the mare, who we took in after she had been abandoned the previous year, needed our help to deliver the second, larger twin.

Apparently, the odds of both twin foals surviving is just 10,000 to 1! Tina and Tom are now two years old and growing up fast into healthy horses.

Recent Rescues...

Above Julia and Jodie as they arrived at Hillside Shire Horse Sanctuary last week. Note the length of Jodie's mane.

We were asked to take in a Shire horse and her companion as they had been left, forgotten without any attention on a riverbank since their owner had died nearly two years ago. We were told that the Shire, Julia had lived on the bank since she was a foal fourteen years ago.  Although they were in good bodily condition, as they had had a plentiful supply of grass, we were shocked at the length of their hooves.

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