Free webinar for cat owners on cats’ needs during COVID-19 crisis

Leading cat charity, International #CatCare has responded to the current COVID-19 crisis by providing a free webinar for all cat owners entitled ‘COVID-19 - meeting your cat’s needs’.

Presented by world-renowned cat behaviour counsellor Vicky Halls, this free webinar looks at how cat owners can adapt their home and routines to minimise stress to their cat. It also looks at how to work from home with a cat and how to involve children in making and playing games with their cat. Vicky also covers some commonly asked questions about the COVID-19 virus and its impact on cats.

Vicky commented: ‘Changes in household routines, and adults and children spending more time at home, can make this a stressful time for our pet cats. However, there are a lot of simple things which we can do as cat owners to help them cope, and I will give you lots of tips during the presentation on how to achieve this’.

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