Don't let insects spoil your pet's holiday

With all the trees in bloom, pollen can add to the burden of potential allergens in the air with devastating effect on allergy sufferers. When everyone else is out enjoying the summer sun, you sit indoors

and suffer!

The Bio-Life HomeCare range is designed to provide relief without resort to steroids, antihistamines and other immuno-suppressant drugs that can make you drowsy and have long term side effects on your health including skin thinning and bruising, osteoporosis and glaucoma.

Bio-Life AirCleanse is a trigger spray that is used twice daily at midday and between 5 and 6 pm in the evening to ensure a pollen free home environment as well as encapsulating the other allergens and moulds in the air. AirCleanse provides instant relief from symptoms and used in the bedroom last thing at night, can ensure you wake up without the puffy eyes, sore throat and coughs that are so common at this time of year..

PetalCleanse C & D, the wipe on, wipe off pet cleanser removes the allergens from the coat of the pet that cause rhinitis, asthma, eczema and hives. For allergy prevention in humans, it only needs to be used once per week. For pets who suffer from pollen allergies --- sore eyes and itching, it can be used to remove pollen from the fur before they are inhaled and cause the damage. The coat conditioners ensure that the fur is left smooth and shiny.

HomeCleanse is ideal for removing dustmite and pet allergens from mattresses and soft furnishings and need only be used once per month to prevent infestation. FabriCleanse, the laundry additive completes the range ensuring that your bedding and clothing are allergen free.

Approved by Allergy UK, the range provides safe and effective allergy prevention not only for you but also for your pets. Most importantly, the products are safe to use around children, pets and pregnant mums.

For further information, please visit or call the Allergy Helpline on 01608 686626.