Disinfectants and kennel cleaning products.

With market leading products, numerous awards and an impressive amount of media coverage, The Animal Health Company remains at the very forefront of animal care.The animal health company are a family run business based in Halstead, Essex.

They have been trading for nearly 30 years. The business was started by Nick Westcott, with the range of disinfectants and kennel cleaning products. It is now run by Nick’s son Paul and Pauls wife Jennie (whom you will know from her regular articles here in Rescue Care that feature her dogs “Kora Bean” and “Twiglet”).

The range has grown a lot and now features health and herbal supplements, shampoos, grooming products, tea tree products and Westcotts Dog food. These are for dogs, horses, chickens as well as your other pets.

The Animal Health Company manufacture their own products in house, which means Natural Health Products For Animals they have control over the ingredients ensuring every product has nothing but the best. These products are then sold to wholesalers, to retailers, to businesses like kennels, zoo’s & rescue centres, as well as direct to the public through a lovely easy to use website. You can also call their team of experts who are happy to discuss your exact needs.

The animal hygiene range is very popular with kennels, groomers, equestrian yards and rescue centres. Their disinfectant “Parvo-virucide” was tested & proven by The Central Vet Laboratory.

It has supreme germ killing power when used at the recommended dilution. Dilution rates of between 1:50 and 1:1,500 so a little goes a long way. Team this with the incredibly popular odor Kill for a clean and fresh smelling kennels, yard or home. Odor-Kill is a very strong deodoriser that you can use in the house as well as outside. It destroys odours leaving a long lasting pleasant smell. Customers use to mop kitchen floors, in cat litter trays, on astro turf, on carpets, added to washing detergent, to spray dog beds to name just a few.

There are not only products to clean your pets bedding, bowls and housing but also for cleaning your pet. Groomers love the range of shampoos available in the dog range “Grooming for excellence” and the equestrian range “Grooms Choice”. Choose from coat colour enhancing to brighten your white pets or Super Red to highlight the beautiful golds and oranges their coat. Got a sensitive skinned pet, choice from a variety of gentle or medicated shampoos. For in between baths they have a nonrinse shampoo called Wash N Show for dogs or Winter wash for horses, meaning you can clean muddy paws or sweaty girth areas without having to fully bath or soak you pet.

We haven’t even talked about the herbal supplements (for general health, wellbeing, joint care, behaviours etc) that they sell, so visit the website and take a look at the whole range for yourselves. Products are dispatch quickly, well packed and with free UK mainland postage visit

Our Grooming products have been used by CRUFTS Champions & are the preferred choice for many professional groomers

​New to the range is PUPPY & a NO TEAR shampoo, which are SLS Free.

Tea Tree is known for its soothing & disinfecting properties.

Our Tea Tree range includes a shampoo, a lotion, a cream, a tooth powder & an ear cleaner.

​​Our Hygiene Range is used by many professionals to ensure their premises are kept in tip top condition & smelling fresh.

Our top sellers are Parvo-virucide a powerful disinfectant, Odor Kil a very strong deodouriser & Supaclean a brilliant cleaner/sterilisers.Sizes 250ml, 1lt, 2.5lt & 20lt Special rates for trade





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