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Celebrating 20 years
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Established by Idris McFarland in 1994, Penthouse Products Ltd, thrive today manufacturing and supplying  High Quality, Easy to clean, Pens for Pets! Their customers include Rescue Centres, Veterinary Surgeries, Catteries and Private Cat, Dog and Small animal owners.

The original idea was that, if a cat with a severe and dangerous disease had been accommodated in the pen, then the pen could be sterilised and/or steam cleaned and it would be safe to use again. Theoretically, any pen made using absorbent material, such as wood, would have to be burnt.

The frame is made from the same material that is used for replacement plastic windows (UV stabilised UPVC). The flooring and shelf tops are made from slightly embossed polypropylene sheet. This is often used to line butchers cold stores which have to be clean and sterile. Originally, the mesh was galvanised steel but some years ago, it was changed to stainless steel.  This has an extremely long life and all the screws are also stainless steel.

There are 12 different pen designs and most of the designs come in three different sizes. 
Penthouse Products is prepared to modify any of the pens to suit a customer’s special requirements.  This may be to fit into an alcove or go under a shelf.  Best of all they do not
impose an extra charge for Specials!


The price is worked out by a computer program and is based solely on the cost of the materials used.

Penthouse has sold pens all over the world, Australia, USA and most European countries although the UK is by far the main market.  The largest single order they have ever had was for 30 pens to go to a vet in Gibraltar.

Rescue organisations make up the largest single group of  Penthouse Products Ltd customers and Idris McFarland who is passionate about animal welfare offers this sector 5% discount on all orders

The company pride themselves on  an excellent service and superior product design.


Call Idris on 01780 410313 to discuss your requirements

Safe Comfortable Hygienic Pens for Your Pets

Penthouse Products
Riverside House
Little Bytham
NG33 4PR

Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1780 410313


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